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     A retreat is an intentional time and space to withdraw from life’s routine in order to pay attention and redirect life's focus toward a renewed spiritual perspective. A retreat may be self directed or communal, silent or conversa-tional, during a portion of one day or over several days. A retreat is the gift of stopping and reflecting in order to engage life more authentically and more balanced for one’s self and within life's relationships.


     Retreats offered in the past have included Mid-month Sabbath Days, a Sabbath River Retreat, a Labyrinth Prayer Walk, an Intergenerational Women's Weekend Retreat, a Women's Winter Retreat, a Guided Silent Retreat, A Day of Prayer Retreat, a Benedictine Monastery Prayer Retreat, a Transformational Leadership (Church Council) Retreat, a Weekend for Rest and Renewal, and different Youth Retreats.


     Retreats have been conducted on the Muskegon River, in many locations in Western Michigan, at Western Theological Seminary, at Church Camps, at Our Lady of Grace Monastery in Indiana, and in Washington, DC.

     Retreats are available for individuals, small groups, congregations, businesses, or leadership boards. Location, cost, duration, and content may vary by design and by group. Please Contact Us for more information or to schedule a retreat.

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