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Our Vision: Transformation


We want to change the world for good.  We believe change happens from the inside out. If we want our world to be changed--transformed for good, for justice and peace--we need to start with ourselves, with our own hearts and minds. Each one of us is ‘The Center’ in which spirit resides, where action begins, and transformation happens. Our willingness to journey inward begins the work of transformation that becomes evident in the ways we act and react within our external realms.

St. Paul wrote to first century followers of Jesus, who wrestled with who was “in” and who was “out”, who was acceptable and who was not−all the religious, social, economic, and political dynamics that are not so very different from our own−“Don’t be shaped according to the trends and fashion of this age but be transformed in the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the desire of God, what is good and well–pleasing and complete.” (Romans 12:2) To that end, we continue to encourage change−transformation−from the inside out.

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